The thing that you are passionate about is not random they are your calling.


To our beloved & esteemed visitors,

The journey, passion and love for the industry that has propelled the birth of the “Jokomo brand name” where the aspiring minds fuel the creative catalyst to make (crazy, mad) LOVE happen again in the industry. With the collective years of 16 years and on going which equals to an approximate total of 140,160 hours spent being part of many notable international projects from an array of international hotel chains in bustling cities to boutique resorts on remote islands, from the mighty convention centers to reputable corporate cafeteria and not forgetting one of the celebrity chef restaurant in the Iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Such exposure are life time experiences that mold the soul of the Jokomo.

Our core foresight or focuses are always on our clientele needs where any design should strive a balance of both worlds - functionality versus the $ sign (reality check) where creative madness is at its plateau to mold a product with the upmost value yet keeping the affordability. At Jokomo - The best is yet to come as the horizon is stretchable when ones believe so.

Without further ado, please head over to our contact page and let’s speak soon.

Yours truly,

Kane & Mike

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